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TCI Marine NewsUpdate: August 15th 2012

Yet more changes to charges for entering and exiting the Turks & Caicos Islands. There is now a $50 fee for clearing in which is good for one week’s stay; then there is a $50 fee for clearing out. If you wish to stay longer, a Cruising Permit is available for $300 which is good for three months.

Update: January 23rd 2011

Customs and Immigration have informed us of recent changes to US$ fees and clearance & exiting procedures:

  • Vessel Masters clearing in during regular working hours (9.00PM to 4.30PM Monday to Friday) pay a $15.00 charge.
  • If after working hours during weekdays an extra $6.00 overtime charge is added, or if during weekends an extra $8.00 is added. This entitles the vessel and crew to stay in the Islands for up to 7 days.
  • When Masters clear out, the same charges apply. If the Master wishes to extend the visit, then the Port Harbour Master can issue a 90-day cruising permit for $75.00. If the vessel and crew return within a year, the same procedure and costs apply. No more than 6 months stay in any one year can be given to visitors at this time (24 January 2011).

Ports of Entry: Vessels may clear in at any marina in Providenciales, at the Government dock or Seaview Marina at South Caicos, the Freighter Dock at the south end of Grand Turk and at Deans Harbour Dock Salt Cay, here you must contact the Island Policeman.

Salt Cay: A major refurbishment of Deans Harbour on the west coast of Salt Cay is underway with improvements to the Harbour Wall and some dredging within the Basin.