Dominican Republic North Coast – Pleasure Craft News

Marine news for the Dominican RepublicUpdated 23 January 2011

17 January 2011 – Luperon

Clearing In / Entry Procedure changes – Our DR correspondent informs us that current charges in US$ for clearing in are:

  • $43.00 for entering vessel.
  • $10.00 for the Port Authority and $15 per month thereafter.
  • $10.00 for Agriculture.
  • $10.00 for a Tourist card (Visa) for each person except the Captain.
  • No charge for pets if brought in aboard a vessel but 400 pesos charge if brought in at Airport.
  • Note these charges are for Luperon. Charges at other locations may vary. Expect to pay a little more when clearing at Marinas.

October 2010 – Puerto Blanco

The large marina development known as ‘Alantico’ in the area of Cano Quintano is still ‘on hold’ with no sign of development activity. This is good news for the shoal draft vessels that have for many years enjoyed the protection from hurricanes given by the surrounding mangroves.

October 2010 – Bahia Luperon

The long awaited vessel haul-out facility at Marina Tropical Luperon (see WL Chart H4A) is now operational, several 40+ foot vessels are out and being worked on. Haul out charges are reported as being $US14.00/per foot. Visit

Dinghy dock, Luperon (Photo: Kenneth Dehoff)

New haul-out facility at Marina Tropical, Luperon (Photo: Kenneth Dehoff)








6 December 2010 – Puerto Blanco

A vessel went aground on the West Reef when attempting to enter Puerto Blanco Harbour at night, conditions were fortunately calm. Crew and vessel have been pulled off the reef and towed into the new haul-out facility at Luperon Marina.

The Marina at Ocean World (WL Chart HIS017) For more information on slip availability and current dockage rates visit

The Marina at Punta Cana (WL Chart HIS017 – wpt H95) has the first phase of berths complete and available to visiting vessels. First phase of Channel dredging is complete and controlling depth is reported to be 7.5 feet. Marina cautions (to follow). For more information, visit