Heart of Abaco Chartlets (AB-ABCD)

Heart of Abaco Chartlets: AB-ABCD (Complete set of four)

Heart of Abaco Chartlets (AB-A, B, C, D)

Waterproof, double sided 12”x 18″, highly detailed chartlets covering the popular Heart of Abaco area. Chartlets show back reef routes, protected marine areas, dive moorings and reef cuts between Ocean and Sea of Abaco, making them vital for sports fishermen, small pleasure boaters and cruising adventurers. These charts are far more detailed than any other private publications.

Chartlets feature:

  • Clear and easy to use navigation charts of Sea of Abaco and back-reef areas.
  • Safe course lines, plotting grid and waypoints for GPS use.
  • Detailed plans of national parks and protected marine areas (PMA).
  • Etiquette, conservation tips and regulations for using PMA.
  • Locations of ‘fee free’ small boat moorings for snorkelling and diving.
  • Safe channels to access moorings.
  • Safe routes for travelling on back-reef areas between cays and barrier reef.
  • Fishing regulations and restrictions.
  • Plans of harbours and anchorages.
  • Detailed plans of reef cuts that link the Sea of Abaco with the Ocean.
  • Trolling and cruising routes along the outside of barrier reef.
  • Pilotage notes and cautions.
  • Part of the profits from these chartlets goes to Friends of the Environment. We are proud to be corporate sponsors of FRIENDS, visit them at www.friendsoftheenvironment.org.

Heart of Abaco Chartlets (click each graphic for a larger image):

Abaco Islands Chartlet AB-A: Little Harbour to Tilloo Cay to Man O’War Cay

Abaco Islands Chartlet AB-B: Man O’War Cay to Whale Cay

Abaco Islands Chartlet AB-C: Whale Cay to Manjack Cay

Abaco Islands Chartlet AB-D: Manjack Cay to Hog Cay to Moraine Cay







Heart of Abaco Chartlets:

Description Code no. Paper Size Price ea.*
Little Harbour to Tilloo Cay to Man O’War Cay AB-A Waterproof 12″ x 18″ $9.00
Man O’War Cay to Whale Cay AB-B Waterproof 12″ x 18″ $9.00
Whale Cay to Manjack Cay AB-C Waterproof 12″ x 18″ $9.00
Manjack Cay to Hog Cay to Moraine Cay AB-D Waterproof 12″ x 18″ $9.00
Set of all four chartlets (Packaged in large zip-lock bags) AB-ABCD Waterproof 12″ x 18″ $35.00
*Price does not including shipping.