Paper Navigation Charts

Wavey Line Charts: Area Coverage Key for Navigation Charts

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Paper Navigation Charts are printed on waterproof, tear resistant synthetic paper and are designed for the modern navigator. All charts have waypoints and most include pilotage notes, course lines and grid lines to help reduce user error and enable fast position plotting. All are designed for use with GPS receivers, although they will adequately support traditional navigation.

Wavey Line Charts usually cost a little more than government and other private publications but are well worth the cost as they far exceed any other chart publications in detail, accuracy and print quality. Apart from Government NGA deep-water soundings on a few charts, all Wavey Line Navigation charts are made up from Bob and Jane’s own surveys and are the product from years of fieldwork.

Paper Navigation Charts

Waterway Guide Bahamas – now includes many of the Wavey Line Plans and small Charts within their guide, covering the entire Bahamas including Turks and Caicos Islands.

Our full set of paper charts are available for purchase on the Waterway Guide website at

Wavey Line Electronic Charts
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